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Rodolfo O. Fattore M. V. Technical Department. Eurotec Nutrition Argentina SRL
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Technical Department of Eurotec Nutrition Argentina
By Agriculturist (PhD) Alejandro Palladino. To maximize the productive results of dairy companies, both in the prepartum and immediate postpartum periods, it is necessary to consider a number of recommendations that help to reduce diseases of the period and increase production.
By Agriculturist (PhD) Alejandro Palladino. Critical stage in the life of the cow and the production cycle of the farm, since during this period about 80% of disease in the dairy herd occurs.
Lately, studies carried out to get cow’s milk with beneficial properties to human health have been successful. Researcher, Agriculturist and Professor of Animal Nutrition Alejandro Palladino recounts his experience in the field, as a result of his research in...
By Agriculturist Alejandro Palladino. Feedlot is known for being a highly intensive fattening system, with a high proportion of grains in the diet, and low fiber.
By Agriculturist Alejando Palladino, Agriculturist Marisa Wawrzkievicz and Dr. Fernando Brago. Department of Animal Production, School of Agronomy - UBA
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300 million pesos are lost every summer as a result of the exposure of dairy herds to high temperatures: this is known as heat stress. There are ways to reduce its impact.
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